Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: Ruffled Lamp Shade

Everyone loves a good ruffle.
I am becoming more and more addicted to decorating my home.  So I find ways to do so, and this project turned out SO cute... but there is a sad side to it... This lamp shade was meant for my living room, but it didn't fit the lamp that I was intending it for :( So here's a bit of advice for you on this craft, make sure your shade fits where you want it!! I'm still not sure what i'll do but i'll find a home for it soon. 

-Roughly a half yard of cream & white muslin fabric.  (You don't have to add both but I thought it added some character to it)
-Lamp Shade.. one that FITS your lamp :)
-Hot glue gun

Cost Breakdown:
-Fabric $2
-Lamp Shade $13
-Glue Sticks $3

Total : $18.. under $20!

For the lamp shade, I tried Ross and other stores like it and their lamp shades weren't the cylinder like I wanted... and they were pretty much the same price as Target.  So that's where I found mine!

 Step 1: Cut stripes of muslin out.  I made my strips about 2" thick.  You can do yours however you please.. the smaller the strips the smaller the ruffle, etc. 

Step 2: Start about 1/2" above the rim of your shade so that the ruffle can hang from the bottom.  I worked with about 2"

Step 3:  Glue about 2"-3" and then place the start of your first strip on it.  Immediately after, start pinching your fabric with the hot glue to create a ruffle.  My strips wouldn't go all the way around the shade so I just had to keep starting over and fill in the empty spots.

Step 4:  Continue adding ruffles all the way to the top.  I rotated colors. It's completely up to you how you want to arrange the colors or if you want to use different colors at all. 

Also, you don't have to use neutral colors! This could work with any lightweight fabrics!

This project was fun.  I enjoy making "pretty things" for my home.


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