Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY : Statement Necklace

Ok, so this DIY was so FUN!
The first picture you see is the final product, so cute huh?
 Below are all the supplies that you will need to purchase for the product. 
Supply list :
-12 tear-drop crystal beads [clear] and can be painted whatever color you want
-paint [the color you want your necklace] side note: make sure it says you can paint on GLASS
-clear cord for beading
-"metal" looking beads
-jump rings
-old tshirt
 Step 1: Paint your beads to the color of your choice, I obviously picked white.  Just to match more things.  I did 3 coats of this.  Make sure that the one side dries before you paint the other ones.

Step 2: Use pliers to pull apart jump rings to make them big enough for the crystal bead holes.
Step 3: String your beads. I did 8 "metal" beads on the ends and 4 inbetween each white crystal bead.
Step 4: Tie large knots at the ends.
Step 5: Cut 2 long strips of old t-shirt, I preferred that part to be thin so I cut thin strips. Pull on the pieces to stretch and thin out the fabric.
Step 6: Tie the clear cord to the tshirt and knot the tshirt around that to hide the knot.
DONE.  SO CUTE. I'm absolutely in love with mine! 


  1. What are the dimensions of the teardrop beads that you used?